Rainwater Harvesting

During a heavy rain, literally thousands of gallons of water is shed from just the roof of a typical home. As with almost all homes, this precious commodity is simply wasted, flushed away along with the rest of the street water.

But a D. Martin homes captures or “harvests” this rainwater for later use, which can significantly reduce the home’s fresh-water usage and save you money.

Water is collected from the roof through aluminum gutters and piped to a filtering canister, where roof debris is separated from the fresh water before being stored in the above-ground tank. All outdoor hose bibs are connected to this rainwater tank and the water can be used for a variety of reasons, from keeping your landscaping green to washing off your driveway.

A standard feature of every D.Martin Home not found on any other home built in Texas is the ability to switch from municipal water, to harvested rainwater for toilet flushing. For a family of four, this can add up to saving thousands of gallons of fresh-water per year and lighten your dependency on the municipal water system.