David Martin – Architect / Builder

Throughout his life, David Martin has enjoyed designing and building things, be it cars, motorcycles, boats, homes or buildings. Growing up in Southeast Texas in the late 50’s and early 60’s his interest in passive and active solar design started as a way of life. He knew that the comfort level of a living or working space was affected by proper ventilation, shade and proper site layout. The Arab Oil Embargo of the 70’s spurred his interest in conservation, the ecology and self dependence.

During college, long before “Green” was fashionable he studied solar design principles and technology and implemented them into designs including an active solar fire station, a passive solar library and numerous residences including a family home utilizing natural lighting and passive solar features.

A graduate from Texas A&M University in 1979, Mr. Martin has over 30 years experience in the Architectural business. While employed with other firms during his apprenticeship he was involved in the design or construction of a wide range of projects including numerous single and multi-family homes, over twenty schools through out the state, Banks, Police and Fire stations, high-rise hotel and condos and numerous office buildings.

In 1987 Mr. Martin began Martin Associates Architects and further developed a diverse background with projects including the Northwest Travis County Mud 2 Fire Station Project, Compuadd Computers, Springwoods Mud Park, The City of Austin ERS Office Building, Austin Municipal Federal Credit Union Main and Branch Offices, Austin Outdoor Advertising Corporate Office Building and The Travis County Mud 1 Fire Station.

His construction experiences includes project management for Retail Centers and Residential. In 1995 he designed and built a home featuring passive solar and shading techniques and a heat chimney with recirculation air system for himself and his children.

In 1999, Mr. Martin moved to Florida after being selected from over 700 worldwide applicants to take place in the BT Global Challenge, an Around the World Sailboat Race. With crew from nations across the globe he has trained in the North Atlantic, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. Just two months before the start of the race he was involved in an auto accident which injured his neck and he was unable to participate in the race. This loss put in motion a determination to live life to its fullest and make a difference in the lives of others.

In 2002, Mr. Martin formed d=mc2 with partners in the Miami area. The firm specialized in government projects for the Veterans Administration, The US Forest Service, The Social Security Administration as well as multi-story residential and multifamily projects.

Mr. Martin not only believes in conservation he practices it. He and his wife have lived aboard their 42’ Sailboat for the past 9 years. It is a daily routine to practice conservation of water, energy and fuel.

In 2007 Mr. Martin and his family formed Martin – Ayers Development to introduce Solar-Eco-Responsible single family residences to Texas. His diverse experience in the Architectural field will be used to produce the highest quality residences possible. His ability to design for function will be combined with a keen sense of aesthetics to produce homes that are pleasing to the eye, energy efficient yet elegant to live in.

The experience he has gained while associated with large firms is implemented into all aspects of his practice, however, the personal attention and dedication developed while self employed will always be a primary focus on any project with which he is associated.